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Travel Information

The land which offer myriad flavors and showcases the dazzling part of natural beauty, grandiose culture, antique heritage and distinguished wildlife; India invites all interest of tourists for a notable tour as its variant site for many purposes and for different motives for carnival. In this beautiful and giving land India, you may experience sensation at every step. India will be one of the most exciting places you’ll ever visit, so don’t miss an opportunity to dig out its hidden treasures.

India Magical Trip pleasure to make you get acquainted with the grandeur treasures of this incredible antique country. We are here to help you to acknowledge the differences and versatility of this country in a grand and royal manner. Whether you’re looking for booking, accommodation, transportation or proper guidance, our committed members will always withstand near you to offer the most exciting India tour.

India has some of the best wildlife sanctuaries, beaches and colossal natural beauty that make India a preferred tourist destination for millions of visitors from all around the world.

Useful India Travel Tips

With some prior planning, tourists visiting India can have a great vacation at affordable prices to suit every budget.

Airport & Railway Station & Taxi

The major international airports in India which operate traffic from all over the world are in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. However, railways do not cut across international borders except Samjhauta Express which runs between Amritsar (India) and Lahore (Pakistan). However, you can enjoy train journey within India. There are no cross border coach services except the Lahore-Delhi bus. Driving in from Nepal requires a permit through the Indian Embassy in your country.


Shopping in India is an expedition on its own. You can buy anything depending on your budget and interest. Each and every place of this country has some sorts of specialty and hence you can collect distinctive and exquisite souvenirs in different price ranges for your near and dear ones. Some of the must have Indian souvenirs include tea, spices, clothing, jewelry, handcrafted products and more.


The national currency of India is the India rupee which is available in denominations and coins form. Banking in India has become quite easy now. ATMs are found in many cities and major international credit cards are widely accepted in the cities. With the availability of many accredited money changers, it become ease in changing money in almost all the metropolitan cities of India. Money changing facilities are also available in most Indian banks and you can also find moneychangers on airports which offer 24 hours service.


In India electricity voltage is 220 volts and sometime electricity voltage goes down. In India there is not so many energy storage that's why power goes off at sometimes. Make sure to carry your phone, batteries of phone and other electronic equipment.


To tackle with any sort of emergencies, you need to have your passport with at least six months left from date of return, ID proof and your any other emergency contact details. Also carry the passport, credit cards and ID proof photocopy or documents file in your memory stick to tackle any sort of emergency. Also ensure carrying a long distance phone cards for calling back your home in case of any emergency.


Most of the common medicines are available on the counter of medical shops. Apollo medical store has a wide network and is one of the most reliable medical stores which can be easily found in most of the metropolitan cities of the country. Ensure carrying some generic medicines when travelling throughout India.


European standard of washrooms are available in most of the places in India. So, never miss a chance to use washroom whenever and wherever you see a clean toilet.


The Indian Standard Time is +0530 GMT.

In addition to all these vital information, you need to make use of your common sense to safeguard yourself from certain touts.

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